ANTIQUE AUTO APPRAISAL SERVICE is a subsidiary of Back In the Day Motor Company, LLC.  Our thorough analysis of your vehicle includes a complete evaluation of the condition of the vehicle including the factory installed components as well as any "after-market" upgrades and/or modifications.  This assessment includes a comprehensive inspection of past or present body damage and the quality of the repair work, if the vehicle has been damaged by collision, rust or other adversities.  We also evaluate the mechanical condition of the vehicle, to the extent of determining the "road-worthiness" of the vehicle and the quality of the re-build/restoration work that's been performed on the vehicle.  More comprehensive diagnosis may be required or recommended upon our inspection.  If needed we can arrange for a qualified mechanic and/or repair facility to conduct more thorough mechanical diagnostic testing and assessment. 
Upon determining the quality and condition of the subject vehicle we also evaluate the "originality" of the vehicle.  This includes verifying that the components on the vehicle were available as factory-installed items, dealer-installed options or "period-correct" aftermarket items. 
If more extensive evaluation is requested, we can attempt to verify, to the extent possible (based on availability of records/manufacturer's data) if the vehicle's mechanical components (primarily the engine and transmission) are "numbers matching" (ie; the engine/transmission in the vehicle is the exact unit(s) that were installed in the vehicle at the factory.
After our comprehensive assessment of your vehicle, we then rank it's overall condition on an industry-standard scale of #1 - 5.  We then review many current published collector/special interest pricing guides to determine a base-line valuation of your vehicle.  This may include computing an average price from as many as eight (8) pricing guides.  Next, we compare this base-line price against "real-world" marketplace sales of comparable vehicles by researching auctions, collector car dealerships and private transactions that have taken place in the last 12-months.  This process is arduous but necessary in today's constantly changing collector car market.  It used to be assumed that ANY collectible vehicle would continue to appreciate in value--this is not always the case in today's market.  Many trends have emerged in recent years wherein certain categories of vehicles such as high-end, low-production muscle-cars have become "hot commodities" for a period of time, then the market "cools" on those cars while other segments of the collector car market "heat-up".  It's not uncommon today to see certain types of cars double in value or even more, in a relatively short time span, only to "normalize" as other cars become the current rage. 
Upon request, we can also provide a comprehensive photo array of the subject vehicle.  This can be particularly useful when selling or buying a collector vehicle.
In summary, you can avoid a costly mistake by properly establishing the current market value of your vehicle with a comprehensive appraisal. 
We're often asked this question.  There are several answers to this one question. A few of the more common reasons you may need an appraisal are detailed below...
It's become nearly common practice for most insurance companies to require an appraisal for a collector vehicle to verify the current market value of the vehicle being insured.
By determining the current market value of a vehicle you wish to sell or purchase, you can avoid a costly error in paying too much, or by selling below market value.  We're often contacted by prospective buyers wishing to secure a 3rd party opinion of a vehicle before they commit to the purchase of a collector vehicle.  In today's "internet world" many buyers hire an experienced appraiser to evaluate a vehicle for them since they may be hundreds, if not thousands of miles away from the vehicle they're considering purchasing.   
We're often contacted by insurance companies and by vehicle owners to assist in determining the value of a vehicle that has been stolen or damaged by fire, collision or natural disaster. 
The best times to seek an appraisal is before your buy, sell or insure your collector vehicle.  This can often times prevent you from making a costly investment error. 
Please call us anytime to schedule an appraisal.  We prefer to examine your vehicle at our shop located at 1208 West Main Street in beautiful downtown Blue Springs, Missouri, however, we will travel to the site of your vehicle.  Mileage charges will apply.