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360 Deluxe Coupe

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1970 Subaru 360 Deluxe Coupe For Sale


Please Note:
This Car Has Sold and Our Other 360 Has Been Sold As Well.
Here's your chance to add a really fun, cool car to your collection!  This is Subaru's first car--Fuji Heavy Industries began producing the SUBARU 360 SEDAN in 1958 and built these cute, fuel efficient 66 MILES PER GALLON cars until 1970.  This car shows only 17,000 original miles and features the stock 356 cc, 2-cylinder, 2-cycle rear engine, 3-speed transmission.  It comes with new radial tires, new carpeting, fresh paint and more.  THIS CUTE LITTLE CAR LITERALLY STOPS TRAFFIC IT'S SO UNIQUE!  Own this true conversation piece for only - please inquire about price.

A pristine example of Subaru's first car, the 360 Coupe.  Fuji Heavy Industries of Japan was heavily involved in the manufacture of construction, industrial and recreational equipment prior to entering the automobile manufacturing business.  Their first car was the Subaru 360 which they produced beginning in 1958 through 1970.  Malcom Bricklin, of Bricklin car fame, among other notable involvements, imported these cute little micro-cars to the United States in 1968, 1969 and 1970.  While not a resounding sales success in America where bigger is better, only a few thousand of these babies entered the US at a retail price of approximately $1300.  Here we have a lightly-used sample from 1970, the last year of 360 production.  This is a 360 Deluxe featuring two-tone paint and interior with only 17,000 miles on the odometer.  It is powered by the stock 356 cubic centemeter 2-cylinder, two-cycle, air-cooled rear engine coupled to the factory 3-speed transaxle.  Interesting features of the Subaru 360 include it's diminuitive 900 lb curb weight, 10" wheels/tires, "suicide doors", four passenger seating (if rear seat passengers are really small) and gas-sipping 66 MPG fuel economy.  Since this car spent it's entire life, prior to our acquisition of it, in sunny southern California, it's uniquely rust-free. If you seek to view, first-hand, one of the most unusual cars ever to grace the roadways, stop in soon to see this rare beauty!

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