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Sold Nothing takes us back to the fun of the 1970's quite like cruising around town in a cute little Gemlin!  This one comes to us from sunny Southern California where it has enjoyed a pampered life near the beach.  From it's 'canary-yellow' with white stripes, to it's two-tone beige vinyl interior this car simply makes us smile remembering simpler times and warm summer nights listening to the BeeGees on the 8-track stereo.  Powered by the venerable 258 cid in-line 6-cylinder engine backed by a 3-speed column-shifted automatic transmission this car also features power steering and factory-installed air conditioning--well equipped for a '70s 'economy compact'.  Come see this cutie in our collection today and reminisce with us to the days when bell-bottom jeans were all the sure to wear your 'smiley-face' tee-shirt!

1978 AMC GREMLIN   $6,595