Sold We have been specializing in vintage IH pickups for many years and have never come across a more uniquely factory-authentic and desirable International pick-up than this one!  We originally purchased this truck with the intention of performing a complete frame-off rotisserie restoration on it, but upon examining this very pristine original truck and researching the history of this vehicle back to the day it was purchased new from the dealer, we simply cannot bring ourselves to restore this true time-capsule piece of International light-line truck history.  What makes this truck so unique and desirable?  For instance...

"A" Series denotes ANNIVERSARY model commemorating IH's 50th anniversary of truck-building, though it's registered and titled as a 1959 (International, uniquely registered their vehicles based on the year they were sold, not the year they were produced) it's a carry-over 1958 production model. 

"CUSTOM"... this designation was generally reserved for the special trucks equipped with the optional 'custom' bed which was essentially the same bedsides as their short (7') stepside bed without the outer fenders and in place, specially-tooled stamped steel 'wide' bedsides' to give the truck a more sophisticated look to compete with the Chevrolet Cameo and Dodge Sweptside trucks. This one, interestingly, has the standard short (7') step-side bed, though the rest of the truck is dressed in the desirable and rare 'custom' trim inside and out which included the addition of extra stainless trim outside and deluxe 2-tone vinyl door trim and vinyl/cloth seat upholstery.

"SURVIVOR" class...this truck has never been restored and still wears nearly all of it's factory-applied paint!  The seat has been reupholstered in factory-correct materials and the gray portion of the dashboard has been repainted at some point in time.  There's also evidence of some touch-up work having been done to the passenger-side door, though no collision or rust damage is apparent.  The power train features the original 'Black Diamond' 240 cid in-line 6-cylinder engine backed by the correct 3-speed column-shifted manual transmission.  All accessories and mechanical components operate as they should.  We've driven this truck a few 'test miles' and it truly starts, runs, drives, stops and handles far better than you would expect from a 54-year-old fact, we LOVE driving this truck--it's a veritable TIME CAPSULE!  Other than a good cleaning, we've left this truck in it's 'natural' state so the new owner can enjoy and be proud to own this unique factory-authentic truck. 

THE HISTORY...this truck was used as a recreational vehicle and has never been used as a work truck and the condition of everything about this truck backs this up.  The odometer reads just over 123,600 miles,  but you would never guess this to be correct, though it is!  This exemplifies what happens when you properly care for and maintain a vehicle.  We will soon be posting a hand-written letter from the son of the original owner documenting the unique history of this truck back to the day it was purchased new. 

This truck also features the original dealer-installed aftermarket rear utility bumper designed for rugged duty as this truck was originally used as a recreational vehicle and frequently pulled a boat and small camping trailer. As with all other aspects of this great truck, the rear bumper is in pristine shape, as is the entire vehicle, considering it's 54 years old and has never been restored or even repainted.

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