Sold Here's a 'work in progress' vintage Travelall that's awaiting disassembly and restoration that's currently in 'driver-quality' condition.  We've been looking for many years for a complete, unmolested sample of one of these early IH SUVs and we finally found this one from the deep south where it served a local scout troup for many years before being owned just before us by an elderly couple who used the vehicle sparingly in parades and local shows.  This Travelall still motivates under the power of it's original 220 Black-Diamond in-line 6-cylinder engine backed by a 3-speed column-shifted manual transmission.  The originality continues with the complete 3-rows of seating for 8 passengers, it's 16" bias-ply wide whitewall tires and the 6-volt electrical system.  The vintage people hauler is a pure joy to drive and attacts crowds everywhere it goes!  We can't wait to begin the restoration process on this one!

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