The International Harvester KB-series trucks exemplified the stylistic enhancements of the immediate post-WWII era exercised by nearly all American car and truck manufacturers.  Anxious to get their products back on the civilian market to consumers thirsty for new vehicles for their personal and business purposes, International augmented their pre-war K-series truck bodies with the addition of extra bright-work with little else changing beyond the mechanical capabilities enhanced through several years of providing only military-use machinery. 

This particular truck is the KB5 which is rated at 1.25-ton hauling capacity and has been hidden away in storage for decades and shows a paltry 16,558 miles on the odometer, which, while we’ve no documents to back this mileage up, the overall condition of the truck indicates this is ACTUAL MILES!  In fact, the truck still rides on it’s  factory-installed US Royal 7.00 X 17” black wall bias-ply tires (only one has been replaced).  Obviously, these will need to be changed if regular driving is expected. 

Power is derived from the factory-original (serial number matches the cowl tag/data plate) GREEN DIAMOND 233 cid L-head inline 6-cylinder engine.  The power  plant is backed by the factory-original 4-speed manually-shifted transmission and original rear end.  Even the exhaust pipe and muffler are original from the factory.  This truck runs extremely well…we recently performed a complete valve job on the engine, rebuilt the carburetor, installed a new-old-stock (NOS) fuel pump, had the fuel tank re-built and built new fuel lines front to back.  She starts right up and purrs with that unmistakable ‘flat-head’ smoothness.

We originally purchased this exemplary truck with the thought of restoring her, but, given the overall general ORIGINAL  SURVIVOR condition of this truck, we cannot bring ourselves to restore it--THEY’RE ONLY ORIGINAL ONCE!  

The body of this truck is impressively solid with only one very minor rust spot on the bottom of each front fender right where they bolt to the running boards (there’s a brace inside each fender right here that always trapped road debris).  This should be an easy, low-cost fix for anyone with basic body repair skills.  The truck left the factory in the usual dark green paint and was almost immediately repainted red for it’s use as a service/tow truck by a  towing company -- ROBERT L. YOUNG & SONS in Easton, PA )their company signage still adorns the sides of the service body to this day!).  The paint shows modest patina and is still quite serviceable and still develops a shine with little effort.  A previous short-term owner added the Shell Oil signage to the doors. 

Call us today to set a time for a personal viewing of this very unique ‘survivor’ truck!

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